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At TAS, we use real estate as a tool to drive profit and purpose.

We are an industry leader in providing value for investors, while also generating social and environmental impact.

6.5 million ft²

of residential and commercial space in our Canadian portfolio

$1 billion

in asset value

Join us as we build neighbourhoods and cities where people thrive and belong.

Learn about our Impact Framework, our values-driven strategy at the centre of everything we do, then vote for which aspect is most important to you.


Tackling climate

We pledge to become carbon
neutral by 2045.

We are living in a global climate crisis.

We’ve spent the past year clarifying how we will both eliminate negative and generate positive climate impacts across our portfolio. From a strategic perspective, we’ve focused our efforts on eliminating harm through the articulation of ambitious, science-based end-state targets.

We have also adopted a backcasting approach, whereby we’ll track and report on our progress towards this ultimate destination.


Broadening Affordability
and Equity

Develop solutions to address the growing affordability gap and the lack of equity creation across the spaces within our portfolios.

The cost of living is rising and many people are getting priced out of the neighbourhoods where they live and work.

TAS will broaden affordability and equity by expanding affordable residential rental and ownership opportunities, and building strategic partnerships with governments, charitable foundations, and community-oriented non-profits.


Building Social Capital

Developing measurement tools that demonstrate tangible improvements on quality of life, access to resources, and community connectedness.

The term “social capital” encompasses what makes neighborhoods great places where families can live, work, learn, thrive and belong.

For over a decade, TAS’s place-based approach has put community needs and their potential at the centre of our projects and related engagement practices. We provide a platform for people to contribute and be heard. We actively listen and deliver solutions that meet the needs of people who work and live in the neighbourhoods we serve – today and tomorrow.

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