Impact is our purpose. Real estate is our tool.

2022 Annual Impact Report
Published: June 2023

2021 Annual Impact Framework
Published: June 2022

Impact Framework: A Statement of Purpose

In June 2021, we published our ambitious Impact Framework anchored by four commitments.

The overarching objectives for these four commitments are:

It Starts With Us
Optimize the positive impact and eliminate the negative impact created through day-to-day business and operating decisions.​

Tackling Climate Change
TAS projects are net-zero carbon by 2045.

Broadening Affordability & Equity
No less than 10% of our residential portfolio will be affordable and 10% of our commercial portfolio will be below-market by 2030.

Building Social Capital
Build and strengthen social capital in the neighbourhoods where TAS operates.​

5 Key Concepts

For decades, a focus on leveraging real estate as a tool to drive broad, collective value has been at the core of how TAS operates. While innovating for impact over the years, the following key concepts have come to align and guide #TeamTAS:

Holistic: By focusing on both eliminating negative impact and generating positive impact, we eliminate the risk of green-, ESG- or impact-washing. This also helps us make progress aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals without inadvertently undermining progress elsewhere.

Measurable: We can’t substantiate progress claims unless the ultimate destination has been defined, so we set quantitative and qualitative targets and proactively manage performance across all three ESG dimensions.

Integrated: We have embedded impact alongside financial metrics in our internal management systems (e.g., in consolidated dashboards), thereby ensuring equal cross-portfolio integration of both profit and purpose across TAS’s investment decisions and business operations.

Transparent: Achieving our bold impact targets will be challenging, and we believe it is very important that we provide clear reporting on our progress – including both our successes and our learnings.

Active: We dedicate time and resources to participate in local and global networks and organizations so we can continuously both learn from and contribute to industry best practices.

Take part and join a growing network of impact-aligned partners.

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2022 Annual Impact Report
Published: June 2023

2021 Annual Impact Framework
Published: June 2022