At TAS impact is our strategy.

Real estate is our tool, not our purpose.

We don’t have a corporate strategy and an impact strategy; for us, they’re one and the same.

And that’s why we describe TAS as an unconventional impact company.

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The Problem

Our global society is failing in three critical ways:

  • we are disrupting the earth’s natural processes and climate;

  • the gaps between haves and have nots is growing, discrimination and social barriers are widespread; and

  • people lack access to the opportunities and basic services they need to thrive.

We can and must do better.

Impact Framework

We’re action-oriented optimists. While we see the challenges ahead of us, we also see great opportunity to create neighbourhoods and cities that are more livable, more diverse – and ultimately more human. And so, we’ve committed to leading a positive systems change around how business – as a whole and within our industry specifically – interacts with people and the planet.

To operationalize this approach, we have developed a comprehensive impact management framework that integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across our business.

It Starts With Us

We’ve adopted the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. This forward-looking outcome-driven tool is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and best available science, as developed by the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development.

The benchmark defines what it will take for a business to “do no harm” to people and the planet – and provides a roadmap for how to get there. Selectively focusing on positive impacts is not enough; we must also operate our businesses and deliver our products in a sustainable manner. It starts with us.

The Future-Fit methodology has helped our team conduct a detailed assessment of the negative externalities our business generates and start identifying exactly how to eliminate them. Comprehensive and systematic, the framework has guided us in setting meaningful targets and is underpinned by detailed Action Guides that include specific instructions regarding how to calculate associated Progress and Context Indicators.

To demonstrate our unwavering commitment to ensuring that society can flourish in the 21st century, we’re the first real estate platform in the world to become a Future-Fit Pioneer.

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In Pursuit of Positive Impact We Will:

Tackle climate change by becoming carbon neutral by 2045.

Develop and implement solutions that address the growing affordability gap and the lack of equity creation opportunities across residential and commercial spaces within our portfolios.

Build and strengthen social capital within the local neighborhoods where we deliver projects, with a focus on developing measurement tools that demonstrate tangible improvements on quality of life, access to resources, individual resiliency, community connectedness, trust and care, and more.

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We will focus heavily on the “S” aspects of the ESG mix. There’s important new ground to be broken here, since many impact management tools and practitioners in our industry are more focused on environmental and governance aspects.

Track our Progress and Take Part

The impact framework we launched in June 2021 is a statement of purpose that sets out our strategy. It shares ambitious long-term objectives, the key tools we’ll use, and initial actions we’re taking to achieve them. We’ve begun embedding the framework in our management systems and we will publish a progress report annually starting in mid-2022 that will include the quantitative rigour required by the Future-Fit Benchmark.

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Rendering of a new development on Dupont Street

It is critically important to highlight that none of this can be done alone.

We all need to work together – across public and private sectors – to ensure a vibrant and resilient shared future. We are committed to showcasing our work so that others can learn from our successes and failures as we make our way on our journey.

And so, moving forward, when we research a new building material, find a new way to underwrite for impact, develop a new commercial equity sharing model, or we have a new policy idea – you’re going to hear about it. We will act as an open-source innovator in pursuit of positive impact.

We hope that you’ll find our approach as exciting as we do, and that it will help spark some new ideas around how you, your colleagues and your partners can make a lasting positive impact that we can all celebrate.

Let’s create that together.

Read our Impact Framework