This considerate project was designed around a serene courtyard with a spa concept in mind. Going beyond the generic residential offerings available in the area at the time, we created a unique community that seamlessly integrated apartments, lofts and townhouses together in one project. Lushly landscaped, immaculately finished and designed to offer light, warmth and a peaceful atmosphere, DIA helped expand and improve condominium living in North York.

Location: 30 Canterbury Place, Willowdale, Toronto, Canada
Status: Completed 2007
Architect: CORE Architects

  • 147,000 square feet over 18 storeys
  • 100% residential 
  • 156 new homes including a mix of one, two, and three bedroom condos and 5 three bedroom townhomes


Literally named for its location at Dundas Street West (DU) and Keele Street (KE), we are tremendously proud of this project, which brings contemporary design to a historic and dynamic neighbourhood. A strong sense of community radiates from every corner, every shop, and every restaurant in the Junction, and DUKE was thoughtfully designed to complement this unique local context.

Our approach was guided by a commitment to quality over quantity and design in every detail. The modern mid-rise building’s articulated brick façade seamlessly weaves into the local neighborhood fabric and its expansive south-facing terraces offer breathtaking unobstructed views. A number of sustainability features were integrated into the design including: energy recovery ventilators and energy efficient appliances; harvest planters, water efficient landscaping and a green roof; programmable thermostats and sensor-managed lighting in common spaces.

Location: 530 Indian Grove, The Junction, Toronto, Canada
Status: Completed 2016
Awards: Award of Merit, 2019 Toronto Urban Design Awards
Architect & Interiors: Quadrangle

  • 87,000 square feet over seven storeys
  • 92% residential and 8% commercial
  • 92 new homes including a mix of studio, one, two, and three bedroom condos and five live-work laneway townhomes
  • Double-height street-level retail

Kingston & Co.

Located a short walk from the beach, Kingston & Co. stands on the site of the former Alpine Hotel – a cherished landmark for almost 75 years that closed its doors in 2011.

We’re really proud of how the project contributes to the neighborhood’s unique social fabric. Thoughtfully designed to prioritize resident’s quality of life, Kingston & Co. includes expansive and varied spaces where folks can gather and socialize. Key features include a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, growing spaces for private and communal gardens and inviting amenities such as fitness and yoga studios, a workshop and tool room, car wash, pet wash and ample bicycle parking.

Location: 1100 Kingston Road, Kingston Road Village, Toronto, Canada
Status: Completed 2018
Partner: Main + Main
Architect: Teeple Architects
Interiors: Mason Studio
Awards: Award of Merit, 2021 Toronto Urban Design Awards

  • 162,000 square feet over 10 storeys
  • Approximately 88% residential and 12% commercial
  • 144 new homes including a mix of studios, one, two, and three bedroom condos
  • Street-level retail


Located in downtown Toronto’s vibrant Entertainment District, M5V was a groundbreaking project in a few ways.

First off, we doubled down on environmental sustainability and achieved LEED Gold Certification. In fact, M5V was the first Toronto condo project to do so, and that’s something we are tremendously proud of.

Second, recognizing that everyone has unique needs, priorities, and preferences, we made M5V suites highly flexible and bespoke. We facilitated an extensive people-centered customization process for our purchasers, giving residents the opportunity to really make their home their own and ultimately improve their quality of life day-to-day.

Finally, a robust engaging and open amenity program features indoor and outdoor social and dining areas, a generous sundeck, meeting rooms, and a fitness studio.

Location: 375 King Street West, Entertainment District, Toronto, Canada
Status: Completed 2011
Partner: Lifetime Developments
Architect: Teeple Architects & CORE Architects

  • 257,000 square feet over 34 storeys
  • Approximately 94% residential and 6% commercial
  • 282 new homes including a mix of studios, one, two, and three bedroom condos


When we first proposed ZED, King West was gritty and industrial. As early players in the neighbourhood’s revitalization, we made a concerted effort to raise the bar on both design and livability standards in what would become the heart of downtown Toronto’s condo boom. Today, King West is one of the liveliest neighbourhoods in the city – with shops, restaurants, bars, and theatres animating the streets.

ZED went above and beyond typical condominium offerings of the time, and the result is a project that features airy, light-infused interiors and crisp, modern exteriors that seamlessly integrate into the local urban fabric.

Location: 38 Niagara Street, King West, Toronto, Canada
Status: Completed 2006
Architect: CORE Architects

  • 98,000 square feet over 12 storeys
  • Approximately 97% residential and 3% commercial
  • 114 new homes including a mix of studios, one, and two bedroom condos
  • Street-level retail