2 Tecumseth Street

Located in the heart of Toronto’s arts and entertainment corridor, 2 Tecumseth is an incredible urban regeneration project that attempts to embrace the complexities and contradictions that make neighbourhoods great.  

The site formerly housed a decommissioned abattoir, and is directly adjacent to the historic Wellington Destructor, a century-old garbage incinerator. Its topography is defined by the now-buried Garrison Creek.

Inspired by this rich context, the architecture and landscape design will embrace Toronto’s ecological, urban and industrial histories while adding a contemporary layer that will give the site new meaning and purpose. The project will transform the former abattoir complex into a sustainable and vibrant new community and destination in Toronto’s downtown west. 

Its vision and design were informed by the findings of a comprehensive multi-year community engagement process and an unwavering commitment to drive social and environmental impact through mixed-use real estate development. 

We plan to mix and optimize uses to create a wonderfully real place where people from many walks of life can live, work and play – together. The lively and iconic destination will be a place where residents and visitors of all ages can co-create a new kind of urban experience. 

Our impact objectives are focused on: prioritizing nature and environmental sustainability and nurturing a diverse and inclusive community. 

Location: South Niagara, Toronto, Canada 
Status: Development 
Phase 1 Partner: Woodbourne Capital
Executive Architect: Adamson Associates 
Design Architect: Giannone Petricone Associates
Heritage Architect: ERA 
Landscape Architect: Public Work 
Interior Design: Mason Studio & Figure3
District Energy System: Enwave
Retail Consultant: Beauleigh

  • Six buildings, including three towers (31-, 39-, and 11-storeys), one mid-rise (7-storeys) and two existing repurposed commercial buildings on Niagara Street
  • Approximately 1,000,000 square feet of mixed-use development including condominiums, rental apartments, affordable housing, office, retail and community spaces.
  • 1200 new homes, with a mix of unit types from 1-bedroom to 3-bedrooms, with the first phase being entirely purpose-built rental.
  • 28 affordable homes (at 80% Average Market Rate) within the 3 residential buildings
  • Nearly 3.5 acres of public realm improvements and new parks
  • A multi-use trail along the site’s southern boundary connected to the Tecumseth/Palmerston bike-lane and future West Toronto Rail Path extension
  • Approximately 1200 bike parking spaces and facilities  

  • Demolition of the 2 Tecumseth and 125 Niagara sites are now complete.

Check back here for more updates and information about construction activity, or better yet, join our mailing list by emailing: info@2tecumseth.ca

For urgent safety/on-site concerns, please contact (416) 510-8181 ext. 777.

For other development related questions, please contact info@2tecumseth.ca and a member of our team will get in touch. 

You can learn more about our plans through the City of Toronto’s Development Applications Portal (search by address: 2 Tecumseth Street) or by visiting our microsite theyardsto.ca.

Have a question, great partnership idea or just want to stay informed? Get in touch with us any time, we look forward to connecting: info@2tecumseth.ca.

In November 2021, the City of Toronto and CreateTO announced that TAS was approved as the long-term head lessee of the Wellington Destructor, following a competitive RFP process. 

We plan to restore and transform this former symbol of civic progress into an active community hub and destination. We are currently finalizing our plans and negotiating lease terms with the City and look forward to sharing more in 2023. 

385 The West Mall

This project presents an opportunity to re-imagine how purpose-built rental, for-sale condominiums, and community-focused commercial space can all be integrated on one large suburban site. Our local research and engagement process revealed a need for increased health and social services as well as senior’s housing in this part of Etobicoke, which has been expanding rapidly over the past decade. We believe that thoughtfully curated not-for-profit and commercial partnerships will help address these gaps and ensure the project functions as a community hub that serves its local neighbourhood.

A wellness focus has also inspired the project design, which emphasizes social connections and the great outdoors through: generous public realm improvements featuring an extensively landscaped raised courtyard; a public conservatory; and expansive rooftop amenities.

Location: Etobicoke West Mall, Toronto, Canada
Status: Site Plan Application
Architect: SvN Architects and Planners

  • 641 units over 28 storeys
  • 542,000 square feet
  • Approximately 92% residential and 8% community and commercial space

Interested in leasing a space?

TAS has made 40 commercial spaces available at this property on a short-term basis while we work through the municipal approval process.

Interested in leasing a space? Get in touch with our Director of Property Management Richard Kwon: richard.kwon@tasimpact.ca, 416-407-8043.

Have a question or a great idea to share? Get in touch with us any time at info@the385Westmall.com.

880 Eastern Avenue

At 880 Eastern Avenue in Leslieville, TAS is creating resilient, purpose-driven, people-centered housing. The project represents a different approach to home building in the city, by putting wellbeing at the centre while also delivering industry-leading carbon reduction strategies.

The new 12-storey building will include 180 new homes with a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom live-work units, with community-serving retail on the ground floor. The project aims to be accessible to a diversity of residents across age, income, family size and ability.    

880 Eastern will bring new energy and density to the Leslieville neighbourhood.  It’s an example of how a building can be designed to be good for both people and the planet.

Impact Highlights

Toronto’s first net-zero mid-rise. We’re using strategies like geothermal heating and cooling, a green roof, low-carbon concrete and storm water recycling to lower the carbon emissions of the building.  It will be the first ground-up development project where we will formally target net-zero embodied carbon.

Future-proofing for resilience. The building design was guided by the principle that properties built with sustainability at their core retain their value longer. The project’s many environmental features will help to ensure it is resilient against the impacts of climate change, while also reducing operating costs and enhancing livability. 

Optimizing health and well-being. Guided by our commitment to social impact, we’ve implemented unique people-centered design elements to ensure a greater living experience for residents. Thoughtful suite layouts, easy access to the outdoors, more windows for natural light and ventilation, 9ft ceilings and a central courtyard aim to enhance wellbeing. The communal courtyard was designed to help foster social connection and a sense of community.

Location: Leslieville, Toronto, Canada
Status: Re-Zoning
Anticipated Construction Start: Winter 2024
Architect & Planner: SvN Architects and Planners
Landscape Architect: gh3*

  • 180 new purpose-built rental homes including a mix of studios, one, two and three bedrooms 
  • Unique design that integrates into neighbourhood fabric throughout 12 storeys
  • 140,000 square feet gross floor area
  • 205 bicycle and 64 vehicle parking spaces

You can visit City of Toronto Development Application Portal (search by address, 880 Eastern Avenue) for more information.

At TAS, we engage local communities early to ensure their needs and potentials can be integrated into our projects.  In summer 2020, we initiated a comprehensive research and consultation exercise to gather input that informed the redevelopment vision and design principles. This work also established an open line of communication for ongoing discussions regarding the site’s future.  While COVID-19 related health and safety protocols impacted our methodology, we still managed to engage with over 40 local stakeholders (at a distance of course!).  This diagram visually summarizes what we learned through these conversations, with one bar representing one comment from a community member. 

Early 2020 – TAS acquires site 

Mid 2020 – Engagement with local community & stakeholders  

Early 2021 – Rezoning application 

February 2022 – Public meeting 

Spring 2023 – Final report to City Council

Spring 2024 – Demo/Construction starts* 

*All future dates based on current estimates, timelines may change 

Get in touch

Have a question or a great idea to share? Get in touch with us any time at info@880eastern.com. 

888 Dupont Street

An iconic landmark on Dupont Street, this building was originally an industrial factory, at one time it served as home to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and most recently housed a variety of creative uses.

We are determined to honour and expand the creative energy and vibrant mix historically found at this site through our redevelopment of this site.

This project will include 155 purpose-built rental apartments zoned for live/work. Picture over a hundred creative professionals, artists and entrepreneurs living, working and connecting under one roof.

Approximately 10% of the units will be affordable – a direct response to the affordability challenges faced by Torontonians and feedback received from the local community.

The ground floor will include an adaptable, multi-use space for community gatherings, exhibits, markets and the like. We’re also exploring other opportunities like creative co-working spaces, lounge areas, small-scale retail or even a cafe.

The project includes improvements to the local streetscape and urban life, including wider sidewalks and new open spaces along Dupont and Ossington. The preservation and relocation of the well-loved chimney stack to a more prominent location along Ossington Avenue.

The new building will prioritize environmental sustainability by striving to achieve Toronto Green Standards v3 Tier 2 and encouraging active transportation through robust infrastructure for cyclists and car-sharing.

TAS engages local communities early and thoughtfully to ensure we understand their strengths, potentials and aspirations – and can integrate these findings into our project design and programming plans.

In late 2019, we hosted focus group meetings with over 30 people and facilitated our own community conversations. In January 2020 we attended the City of Toronto led public consultation. The key findings from this process are represented visually in a User Perspective Map that can be accessed by clicking here. It’s extensive and exciting, be encouraged to check it out.

Location: Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction, Toronto, Canada 
Status: Rezoning 
Estimated Completion: 2026
Design Architect: Suulin Architects 
Executive Architect: ZAS Architects + Interiors 
Landscape Architect: gh3* 

  • 138,315 sq. ft. of residential space
  • 15,763 sq. ft. of employment industrial space
  • 3,078 sq. ft. of community commercial space
  • 14 storeys
  • 187 live/work units, approximately 10% affordable
  • 189 bicycle parking spots
  • 3000 sq.ft of commercial/community space
  • 3 car share spaces

You can learn more about our plans through the City of Toronto’s Development Applications Portal (search by address: 888 Dupont Street) 

Demolition of 888 Dupont Street is now complete.

As we undergo demolition, we’re taking a unique approach. TAS will salvage materials for recycling and repurposing in the new development. This approach respects the site’s history and character while promoting sustainability.

Check back here for more updates and information about demolition and construction activity.

For urgent safety/on-site concerns, please contact (416) 510-8181 ext. 888. For other development-related questions, please contact info@888dupont.com and a member of our team will get in touch.

Connecting Cooksville

Located at the corner of Hillcrest and Hurontario in Mississauga, Connecting Cooksville is the only tri-mobility hub in the city with direct access to Regional Transit, Rapid Bus Service and the future Light Rail Transit. It is the ideal location for density and responsible growth. 

Cooksville is a network of long-time residents and newcomers alike seeking opportunity and generating possibility in thriving local businesses and shared cross-cultural pride. Our proposal contributes to the evolving story of Cooksville, creating places where people can live, work and connect together. 

Connecting Cooksville is an ambitious plan that will come to life over the next several years. It leverages smart density to deliver meaningful impact for the community.

Highlights of the proposed plan include: 

  • A generous and accessible public realm covering nearly half of the site, with a central community gathering space.
  • A new full-service community centre and public library to be delivered in partnership with the City of Mississauga, including the potential for an aquatics centre, gymnasium, multi-use meeting and gathering spaces, and a daycare. 
  • More than 2,200 new homes to be delivered as a mix of condominiums and purpose-built rental apartments, including 250-300 homes as part of an affordable home ownership program with Options for Homes.  
  • A commitment to sustainable building practices and human-scaled design, optimizing daylight and passive ventilation, and taking a ‘landscape-first’ approach that emphasizes biodiversity, resilience and well-being. 

TAS engaged thoughtfully with the local communities to ensure their needs and aspirations were integrated into the plan. Gathering input through interviews, focus groups, surveys and workshops, our goal was for the community to help shape the investment being made in their neighbourhood.  

We are proud to be a part of the Cooksville Community Hub Working Group – a group of local residents, community organizations and businesses interested in building connections and supporting people in the area. We enthusiastically lent our site to local community groups like Heart Comonos for their activations and events which create a diverse and dynamic community presence

This project is an example of how responsible growth and smart density can drive community benefits and meaningful impact for the community. It is a once in a generation opportunity to contribute to the cultural fabric and enduring prosperity of Cooksville, while bringing over 2000 new homes to the heart of Mississauga.   

Location: Cooksville, Mississauga, Canada
Status: Planning
Estimated Construction Start: 2024
Architect: SvN Architects + Planners
Landscape Architect: wHY

  • 5.3 acre site adjacent to a transit hub that includes the Cooksville GO station, the future Hurontario LRT and the MiWay rapid bus line 
  • 2,200 new homes including a mix of condominiums and purpose-built rental apartments 
  • 250-300 homes to be delivered through an affordable home ownership program in partnership with Options for Homes  
  • 49% of the site will be public realm with a community gathering space as its focal point 
  • Over 90% of the building perimeter at ground level is animated by positive frontages 

Eglinton Avenue East Block

Located in Ionview neighbourhood in the burgeoning Greater Golden Mile, this is a former retail strip plaza typical of Eglinton Avenue East.  The vacant site is extremely well-connected, with access to the Kennedy Subway Station, Kennedy GO Station and the future Eglinton East LRT, scheduled to be completed this year.  

TAS intends to develop a purpose-built rental building with an affordable housing component, public realm improvements and community-serving commercial ground floor. We see this as an incredible opportunity to contribute community benefits in the Greater Golden Mile and advance TAS’s vision of inclusive, transit-oriented development. 

Community and stakeholder engagement started in Fall 2022, with a focus on listening and learning from the local community.

Location: 2347-2369 Eglinton Avenue East, Ionview, Scarborough, Canada
Status: Design
Partners: Morray Investments Ltd.

Our project webpage will have the latest project updates and engagement opportunities. We always welcome new ideas, opportunities and potential partnerships.

To get in touch or sign up for the project mailing list, email us at info@2347eglintonave.ca 

The Campbell

A series of community consultations held in 2017 shaped our vision and plans for this project. Related learnings inspired the design of a purpose-built rental project that includes multigenerational living for families of all types and sizes, with building amenities that encourage social interaction in creative, playful and inviting common spaces. We are tremendously proud to be creating a new Toronto Public Library branch on the ground floor that will serve and add value to the neighbourhood.

Check out rentthecampbell.com for more information on the project and to register for leasing opportunities.

Location: Junction Triangle, Toronto, Canada
Status: Under construction, completion expected fall 2022
Partner: BentallGreenOak
Architect: Teeple Architects
Landscape Architect: Ferris + Associates
Interior Design: HOK

  • 238,690 square feet over 14 storeys
  • Approximately 94% residential, 1% commercial and 5% library branch
  • 236 purpose-built rental homes